Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's the ******* Point?

What's the point of getting up in the morning? What's the point of getting up at all? Why do anything? Why do I need a job? Seriously what's the point? There really is no point.

Some people are born into this world and everything is there for them. They have life on a silver platter and they would have to be an idiot to ****** it up. I'm so damn sick of seeing these little prick 16 year old kids driving around in a freakin BMW or a F-350 truck that gets 8 damn miles to the gallon. And when they wreck that car just go by em' another 60K car tomorrow not a problem. These damn kids are born in to the world millionaires because of there trust funds and there custom house that have two spiral staircases leading into there living room that's bigger than my entire house. You could literally strip these kids today and go trade in there clothing for 750 dollars because all they @@@@@@@ wear is abercrombie, fossil, and tommy hilfiger. They all go to prestigious schools that cost 40K a year, along with that they get there parents personal credit card to go $$$$ of money. I'm not saying by any means this is the correct way to parent kids because it's not by any means. I'm just so sick of hearing all this bull S*** about how hard your life is. AWW poor baby, you had to settle for the Mercedes instead of the freakin Ferrari. "I feel so bad for you!"

I drive a light Green Mercury Mini-Van with grey leather interier. Inside I have make shift stero serving as my amazing surround sound system, it plugs into my cigarette lighter into a power convertor. I'm fine with my transportation, it gets me where I need to go. Would I like a better car of course! Tell me who aspires to one day drive a hand me down mini-van. I'm not one to complain about something like this. This is actually my first time to bring up my car situation at all because I really don't care. I'm simply making a point, hold on I'm getting there. When almost everyone else I know(I don't know weither to consider them friends or not, some are) gets a new car and I keep the one I have with no complaints. No, I'm not saying I would expect my father to buy me or even help me buy a freakin Mercedes that's stupid and pointless but a Toyota Camery would be nice, even a used one. I wear cheap clothes that aren't 400 dollars for a pair of jeans. Do I care that I don't have 400 dollar jeans, no. I don't want that, that's ridiculous. I saved my father 20K last year by going to a community college, is that a problem no but a whole bunch of people I know went off to school last year and blew thousands. I know a guy who paid tution and then changed his mind, blew 5K. His parents were fine with it, we'll send ya somewhere else hunny. If I did that I might as well go hang myself.

Here's my point. I've describe parents who spoil there kids and parents who provide the bare min. Which ones right? Neither. Find the middle ground and then I think you have it. I understand my examples are embellished but that's to help make my point.

Now why am I so pissed? Let's see. My father is a greedy bastard. I hate my father. He's a sad person who lives a sad exsistance and I have no pity on him because he's his own worst enemy. My father isn't going to pay for me to go to college. Is my father poor you ask? lol. No. He currently has the best job he's ever had in his life, making 6 digits a year and having already made hundreds of thousands in the stock market.

What now? I won't go back to community college that's for damn sure and I'm certainly not staying in Houston. So I don't know. I'm so tired of fighting. I'm so sick of the on going shit that never ends. Maybe my father(notice I don't say "dad", you have to earn that title, **** father is even a stretch) when he's an old piece of shit will regret the way he treated me because I certainly won't be taking care of his ass. So what now??? Who knows.

Vegas sounds lovely!


Friday, June 23, 2006

A Choker, The Birth of A Superstar, and A Pissed off Billionaire! Does It Get Any Better?

<---The Pissed off Billionaire

The Superstar ----->

<--The Choker

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. I could not be more thrilled how the NBA Finals ended up. What amazing drama the past few weeks basketball has given us. One thing is certain and that is that the name Dwayne Wade will not be forgotten because of the outstanding performance he gave in games 3,4,5,6(in games 1,2 Wade struggled because he was battling the flu.) of the NBA Finals. Wade adveraged 34.7 pts(more than MJ did) throughout the finals and put on a Jordan like performance which is why he was the MVP of the Finals. Wade having come out of such an elite rookie class that had big name players such as Lebron James and Carmello Anthony, Wade has been somewhat overlooked. Wade didn't simply out-play the Mavs in the finals, he imposed his will upon the games and willed his team to victory. The better team did not win in my opinion, rather the team that wanted it more won. The Heat clearly wanted it more and that's apparent having come back from an 0-2 deficit which only two other teams in NBA history have done. I could not think more highly of Wade, he's an insane basketball player and also a class act guy. For being only 24 years old, a millionaire, a husband, and father, and now a champion he conducts himself well. I'm happy for him.

I do not like the Mavs never have and pretty sure I never will. I cannot stand Mark Cuban and the childish way he conducts himself and his basketball team. His cocky attitude I believe cost his team the title. After Game 2 the Mavs lead the series 2-0 and looks as thought they would head off to Miami and take care of business, the dreaded "Sweep" word was even thrown around on sports talk radio. Cuban being the cocky billionaire he is, went ahead and set up a parade route in Dallas for that following week, the day after game 4 would've taken place. Cuban also was invited on the David Letterman Show after game 2, he went of course and brought his cockiness with him taking shots at the Coach of the Heat, Pat Riley. He also went on and took shots at other various people. Basically he sounded as though the Mavs had already won the championship and all was right with the world. What Cuban didn't plan for was Game 3 with 6:30 left to go in the fourth quarter.

The Mavs up by 13 at the 6 minute mark, would end up losing that game. Who had a chance to win it? Dirk Nowitzki.(who's shooting durning the finals was pathetic) Two free throws make em' both and it's basically sealed shut, he makes the first and Dirk who is a 90% free throw shooter, misses the second. Choker! I'm not going to get in to all the details of the other games but I will say that this was the defining moment in the series. Six minutes and thirty seconds left in the fourth quarter of game three. If the Mavs close out that game like any team should when you're up by 13 in that spot, this series would have been over. No way Miami comes back from 0-3, no team has. That was not the only reason the Mavs choked and lost four straight but Game 3 was the momentum shifter. This was one best NBA finals series I've seen in maybe 5 years, it was extra special because I got to watch Mark Cuban squirm.

Cuban also charged on to the court in game 5 just as the game had ended to yell at the refs for a call Cuban didn't agree with. After yelling at the refs Cuban proceeded to stare down David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA. This outburst costed Cuban 250K. lol. Bringing his lifetime total fines paid to the NBA up to 1.7 million dollars. Chump change for Cuban! Cuban is a distraction to his team, and I do honestly believe that he is partically to blame for his teams crumble. The Mavs become the third team in NBA history to lose the NBA finals when leading 2-0.

I would personally like to thank the Heat for not allowing trash such as Cuban to hold the Larry O'Brien trophy. That would have been a sad day in NBA history, thank goodness it didn't happen.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yea so......

A lot has happened. I don't have time to write right now but I will later. I miss these people. Later.


Friday, June 02, 2006

Possibly the Ugliest German Ever?

Ok so maybe that's a bit mean but for real that guy is one ugly German but he is certainly a talented basketball player. Last night Dirk Nowiztki scored 50 points against the Suns to go and win a pivotal game 5 in the Western Conference Finals. Dirk is one of those guys that you hate to play against him but if he's on your team you love him. The dude doesn't miss a shot or atleast it seems that way. Whenever he shoots the ball the only question is weither or not the balls going to touch the net. Dirk has really turned into an even better offensive player than expected with the help of Avery Johnson as his coach. Also another possibly is the who used to play for the Mavs absense of Steve Nash who was not resigned by the owner of the Mavs, Mark Cuban, who now consquently plays for the Suns and has thrived playing with the Suns earning back to back MVP awards. The absense of Steve Nash has allowed Dirk to take ownership of this Dallas team therefore improving his overall game. However great of an offensive player Dirk is he's still a defensive liability and I do mean "liability" because of his lack of defensive skills. He still creates a match up nightmare on the offensive end because of his size(7ft) and the fact that he can shoot from anywhere on the court including three point land. Dirk Nowiztki made 13.8 million dollars this year, I guess he's worth it. I'm sure multi-billionaire owner Mark Cuban has no problem paying Dirk's saliary. Quite a player he is but there are still several players I would take before him but he's up there in most talented players in the NBA.

Is there a athlete in any sport at anytime that you would consider a sports idol? Meaning a individual that transcends his/her sport and is someone that comes immediatly to your mind. Leave me a comment on who you think that would be, and you can only choose one.


NBA perdiction: Detroit wins in Miami tonight against the Heat and forces a game 7. Watch Espn tonight to find out who wins.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Roger Clemens Signs 1-year 22 Million Dollars

Earlier this morning Roger Clemens signed 1 year $22,000,022 with the Houston Astros. Clemens who has in the past two years had a record of 31-12 with and ERA just above 3, that's ridiculous! In past years Clemens' best months of the season have been July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. Currently Clemens is guarenteed 12.25 million dollars but Clemens is schedualed to start June 22, if Clemens does start on that date he earns 12.65 million dollars. (Trust me he'll have to be dead not to start on that date, we're talking 12 MILLION big ones) Basically if Clemens pitches 5 times a month this season he will be making 1.1 million dollars a start!!!! Ahhh! Let me start just once, oh wait I can't throw a ball 95 MPH, lol!

I'm excited for the Astros and for Houston! This is definatly a big piece of the puzzle for another post-season run.

Later Yall!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Saying Goodbye to A Good Friend

Earlier tonight I attended the commission service that was held for Sterling and his family.(They will soon be starting a church up in a suburb around New York City called Levittown) Wasn't exactly what I expected but that's alright. I don't think I was expecting to become emotionally engaged in the service but I did, seems as thought that happens whenever I try not to. Anyways I fully support Sterling and his vision but he will be miss, along with his family. Sterling has done so much for so many here in Clear Lake and I know that we are all grateful for what he has done. I know for certain in my situation that Sterling has been there to help me when I had no clue where go or what to do. To Sterling, "I love you man and yes I will be praying for you."

What A Week In The World Of Sport

Wow! That is really the only word that comes to mind with all the amazing playoff games, interleague play in baseball, and sacred records being tied(yes tied, not broken).


If after watching these NBA playoffs you still don't enjoy the basketball I think it's safe to say you never will because this is the best playoffs since Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Hakeem. Games coming down to literally the last second of the game, double overtimes, and buzzer beater shots. Let's not forget about the two game 7's we have tomorrow in the western conference semis.

Tonight Clips and Suns will play there Game 7, they will be the early game. This has been a great series although I do strongly believe that a few key mistakes on behalf of the Clippers that could have been avoided could cost them the series. Clippers should have already closed this series out but because of carelessness they will have to go into back to the desert(Phoenix) and win game 7 there which won't be easy. Steve Nash the "MVP" has not been good at all in this series, his team(Suns) will need a good performance from Nash. Overall pick ---- Clippers

The late game tonight will be Game 7 of the Spurs and Mavs, which has been an electrifying series. Both teams have played great and every moment has been a nail bitter. Tim Ducan is playing better than ever for the Spurs. Spurs have made an amazing come back from being down 3-1 in the series to now being tied at 3-3 with home court advantage. Some how the Spurs who are a notoriously bad free throw shooting team made 15 straight free throws down the stretch of game 6, can someone say "miracle"? These clutch free throws and good execution on defense won them this game. Game 7 tonight is going to be amazing. Overall pick ---- Spurs


These past few days have been interleague play in baseball which is where the AL plays the NL. Usually the games are rival games to get fans to come out to the ball park. Like the game I went to on Friday which was the Astros vs. Rangers. This rival is known as the "Silver Boot Series". In other words the best baseball team in Texas. Astros won the Friday game 5-3 with a late inning come back by an unexpected Adam Everette. Great game! (Thanks to Sterling and Jenna for a wonderful Bday present) Astro's won the Silver Boot Series, 2-1.

Bonds Hits home run number 714 to tie Babe Ruth on the all time home runs list. Is it a shame? I have a feeling the truth about Barry's steroid usage will come to light to everyone soon if it isn't already apparent. I mean you don't just grow 10 head sizes at 38, lol.

That's all for now! Yall please please please if you can watch Game 7 of the Spurs and Mavs tonight about 8:30 PM. I promise you won't regret it!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome Summer, Good Bye San Jac!

So I finished my last exam on Thursday morning at San Jac. and as I was driving home I saw a girl sitting in a blue Toyota stalled out in the middle of the street with a for sale sign on the back of it. As I was carefully driving by I wondered how many people would be interested in calling on the number on the back of the car with the intent of buying it. I know that's a bit cold but I got a chuckle out of that.

Despite that I'm thrilled! That was the last class I will ever have to take at San Jac. Not that San Jac. was a bad school it was great but I'm excited to be moving on to Mary-Hardin Baylor in the fall. I got my acceptance letter just yesterday! I'm ready to move on from Clear Lake. Anyways I will still be around Clear Lake this summer probably taking it easy and anticipating going off to school. I'm looking for a job so if yall know anyone that needs anything let me know, I'm pretty open when it comes to work.(but I won't do fast food)

Will have more to say later.