Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Roger Clemens Signs 1-year 22 Million Dollars

Earlier this morning Roger Clemens signed 1 year $22,000,022 with the Houston Astros. Clemens who has in the past two years had a record of 31-12 with and ERA just above 3, that's ridiculous! In past years Clemens' best months of the season have been July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. Currently Clemens is guarenteed 12.25 million dollars but Clemens is schedualed to start June 22, if Clemens does start on that date he earns 12.65 million dollars. (Trust me he'll have to be dead not to start on that date, we're talking 12 MILLION big ones) Basically if Clemens pitches 5 times a month this season he will be making 1.1 million dollars a start!!!! Ahhh! Let me start just once, oh wait I can't throw a ball 95 MPH, lol!

I'm excited for the Astros and for Houston! This is definatly a big piece of the puzzle for another post-season run.

Later Yall!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Saying Goodbye to A Good Friend

Earlier tonight I attended the commission service that was held for Sterling and his family.(They will soon be starting a church up in a suburb around New York City called Levittown) Wasn't exactly what I expected but that's alright. I don't think I was expecting to become emotionally engaged in the service but I did, seems as thought that happens whenever I try not to. Anyways I fully support Sterling and his vision but he will be miss, along with his family. Sterling has done so much for so many here in Clear Lake and I know that we are all grateful for what he has done. I know for certain in my situation that Sterling has been there to help me when I had no clue where go or what to do. To Sterling, "I love you man and yes I will be praying for you."

What A Week In The World Of Sport

Wow! That is really the only word that comes to mind with all the amazing playoff games, interleague play in baseball, and sacred records being tied(yes tied, not broken).


If after watching these NBA playoffs you still don't enjoy the basketball I think it's safe to say you never will because this is the best playoffs since Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Hakeem. Games coming down to literally the last second of the game, double overtimes, and buzzer beater shots. Let's not forget about the two game 7's we have tomorrow in the western conference semis.

Tonight Clips and Suns will play there Game 7, they will be the early game. This has been a great series although I do strongly believe that a few key mistakes on behalf of the Clippers that could have been avoided could cost them the series. Clippers should have already closed this series out but because of carelessness they will have to go into back to the desert(Phoenix) and win game 7 there which won't be easy. Steve Nash the "MVP" has not been good at all in this series, his team(Suns) will need a good performance from Nash. Overall pick ---- Clippers

The late game tonight will be Game 7 of the Spurs and Mavs, which has been an electrifying series. Both teams have played great and every moment has been a nail bitter. Tim Ducan is playing better than ever for the Spurs. Spurs have made an amazing come back from being down 3-1 in the series to now being tied at 3-3 with home court advantage. Some how the Spurs who are a notoriously bad free throw shooting team made 15 straight free throws down the stretch of game 6, can someone say "miracle"? These clutch free throws and good execution on defense won them this game. Game 7 tonight is going to be amazing. Overall pick ---- Spurs


These past few days have been interleague play in baseball which is where the AL plays the NL. Usually the games are rival games to get fans to come out to the ball park. Like the game I went to on Friday which was the Astros vs. Rangers. This rival is known as the "Silver Boot Series". In other words the best baseball team in Texas. Astros won the Friday game 5-3 with a late inning come back by an unexpected Adam Everette. Great game! (Thanks to Sterling and Jenna for a wonderful Bday present) Astro's won the Silver Boot Series, 2-1.

Bonds Hits home run number 714 to tie Babe Ruth on the all time home runs list. Is it a shame? I have a feeling the truth about Barry's steroid usage will come to light to everyone soon if it isn't already apparent. I mean you don't just grow 10 head sizes at 38, lol.

That's all for now! Yall please please please if you can watch Game 7 of the Spurs and Mavs tonight about 8:30 PM. I promise you won't regret it!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome Summer, Good Bye San Jac!

So I finished my last exam on Thursday morning at San Jac. and as I was driving home I saw a girl sitting in a blue Toyota stalled out in the middle of the street with a for sale sign on the back of it. As I was carefully driving by I wondered how many people would be interested in calling on the number on the back of the car with the intent of buying it. I know that's a bit cold but I got a chuckle out of that.

Despite that I'm thrilled! That was the last class I will ever have to take at San Jac. Not that San Jac. was a bad school it was great but I'm excited to be moving on to Mary-Hardin Baylor in the fall. I got my acceptance letter just yesterday! I'm ready to move on from Clear Lake. Anyways I will still be around Clear Lake this summer probably taking it easy and anticipating going off to school. I'm looking for a job so if yall know anyone that needs anything let me know, I'm pretty open when it comes to work.(but I won't do fast food)

Will have more to say later.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Some People Just Don't Get It

Can We Grow Up?
As you go through life you will at time struggle it's at these times when your character is tested the most. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I don't always handle pressure the way I should but you live and you learn from your past mistakes. It's seems to me that some people will never learn from their mistakes and can't handle pressure. I'm one that likes to meet pressure and adversity head on. I love to be challenged and I love to be able to prove myself and I love to be right. (which at times gets me in to trouble but I have learned to pick my spots) As I've noticed though some people only know how to back down and crawl into their shell when they are challenged or face adversity. These people are very rarely themselves, they love to put on a big show. But it's mainly bs. Why are people afraid to step on each others toes? Why are they afraid to truly express themselves? I have never got that and I never will. People put on this "pansy, the world is great, flowery attitude" when the truth is most of us are pissed off and angry but we seldomly vocalize it. Why can't we just be honest? I understand being diplomatic, but there is a difference between being diplomatic and being a pansy. I don't understand being so diplomatic to the extent that you change who you are around certain people. There's a problem with that. Of course certain people are passive people and thats just who they are, there's nothing wrong with that if that's truly who you are. I would rather someone be honest with me and hurt my feelings than be dishonest with me on how they truly feel. I'm so tired of people saying one thing to my face and I hear another thing from someone else.(high school's over, grow up) Be honest with yourself and others. Don't be afraid of a little adversity. You have to tear muscle down to build it up stronger. That's the end of my venting on that subject.

Brain Fart on Draft Day
Another person that just doesn't get it is Charlie Casserly and the Texans. Once again the Texans manage to screw up something that even 6 year old child could manage to do without any problems. All Charlie Casserly had to do on draft day was fill out a card with the name "Reggie Bush" on it and hand it to the commissioner but the failed. They failed miserably. It's not that Mario Williams isn't a good player and it's not that he won't succeed in the Texans organization, there's no reason to think he won't be a great player. But you just can't pass on the type of amazing talent that is Reggie Bush. Texans once again fumbled the ball and New Orleans recovered it and scored a touchdown. Being generous and I mean generous I perdict that the Texans will be 6-10. I will not be intently watching them this season, they have shown they do not care about winning football games or giving there fans a good show. Sorry season ticket holders. Casserly better hope a mirical happens and the Texans some how make it to the Super Bowl(which won't happen) and that Reggie Bush is a flop(which he won't be) or he'll be out of job soon. I understand that the Texans not taking Bush was more about money than anything else but serious Bob McNair you got to spend a little to win more than 2 games a year.

A 24 Million dollar Mistake
Just a side note about draft day. Matt Lienart by staying in college his senior year(taking only one blow off dance class) costed himself 24 million dollars in guaranteed money. Possibly a decision he will regret for quite sometime. He was certain to go number one in the draft in 05' but chose to stay in school, we all make mistakes. Instead of going number one Lienart went number ten, still good but not as good. Vince Young wasn't about to make that same mistake, he took all the hype(Yes I do mean hype) and rode it all the way to the third pick in the draft. Vince Young's single performance in the Rose Bowl probably earned him about 10 million more dollars in guaranteed money, nice pay day. I'm sure he doesn't regret coming out early.

Yall take it easy. More to say soon about NBA playoffs in the upcoming days.


What to watch: Lakers v. Suns Game 6, amazing series, highly recommend yall tune in.
Thursday at 7:30 TNT

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Enbarking Upon a New Site

This will be my first post on blogspot, duh. But anyways how exciting. It think xanga was dying or is possibly dead. I will try and keep this site more updated than my xanga site, I was pathetic about remember to post. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Sports Update: Boston trumps the Yanks in there first game verses each other at Fenway. Yahoo!

Will have more to say later!