Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Roger Clemens Signs 1-year 22 Million Dollars

Earlier this morning Roger Clemens signed 1 year $22,000,022 with the Houston Astros. Clemens who has in the past two years had a record of 31-12 with and ERA just above 3, that's ridiculous! In past years Clemens' best months of the season have been July, Aug, Sept, and Oct. Currently Clemens is guarenteed 12.25 million dollars but Clemens is schedualed to start June 22, if Clemens does start on that date he earns 12.65 million dollars. (Trust me he'll have to be dead not to start on that date, we're talking 12 MILLION big ones) Basically if Clemens pitches 5 times a month this season he will be making 1.1 million dollars a start!!!! Ahhh! Let me start just once, oh wait I can't throw a ball 95 MPH, lol!

I'm excited for the Astros and for Houston! This is definatly a big piece of the puzzle for another post-season run.

Later Yall!



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