Friday, June 23, 2006

A Choker, The Birth of A Superstar, and A Pissed off Billionaire! Does It Get Any Better?

<---The Pissed off Billionaire

The Superstar ----->

<--The Choker

Pictures really are worth a thousand words. I could not be more thrilled how the NBA Finals ended up. What amazing drama the past few weeks basketball has given us. One thing is certain and that is that the name Dwayne Wade will not be forgotten because of the outstanding performance he gave in games 3,4,5,6(in games 1,2 Wade struggled because he was battling the flu.) of the NBA Finals. Wade adveraged 34.7 pts(more than MJ did) throughout the finals and put on a Jordan like performance which is why he was the MVP of the Finals. Wade having come out of such an elite rookie class that had big name players such as Lebron James and Carmello Anthony, Wade has been somewhat overlooked. Wade didn't simply out-play the Mavs in the finals, he imposed his will upon the games and willed his team to victory. The better team did not win in my opinion, rather the team that wanted it more won. The Heat clearly wanted it more and that's apparent having come back from an 0-2 deficit which only two other teams in NBA history have done. I could not think more highly of Wade, he's an insane basketball player and also a class act guy. For being only 24 years old, a millionaire, a husband, and father, and now a champion he conducts himself well. I'm happy for him.

I do not like the Mavs never have and pretty sure I never will. I cannot stand Mark Cuban and the childish way he conducts himself and his basketball team. His cocky attitude I believe cost his team the title. After Game 2 the Mavs lead the series 2-0 and looks as thought they would head off to Miami and take care of business, the dreaded "Sweep" word was even thrown around on sports talk radio. Cuban being the cocky billionaire he is, went ahead and set up a parade route in Dallas for that following week, the day after game 4 would've taken place. Cuban also was invited on the David Letterman Show after game 2, he went of course and brought his cockiness with him taking shots at the Coach of the Heat, Pat Riley. He also went on and took shots at other various people. Basically he sounded as though the Mavs had already won the championship and all was right with the world. What Cuban didn't plan for was Game 3 with 6:30 left to go in the fourth quarter.

The Mavs up by 13 at the 6 minute mark, would end up losing that game. Who had a chance to win it? Dirk Nowitzki.(who's shooting durning the finals was pathetic) Two free throws make em' both and it's basically sealed shut, he makes the first and Dirk who is a 90% free throw shooter, misses the second. Choker! I'm not going to get in to all the details of the other games but I will say that this was the defining moment in the series. Six minutes and thirty seconds left in the fourth quarter of game three. If the Mavs close out that game like any team should when you're up by 13 in that spot, this series would have been over. No way Miami comes back from 0-3, no team has. That was not the only reason the Mavs choked and lost four straight but Game 3 was the momentum shifter. This was one best NBA finals series I've seen in maybe 5 years, it was extra special because I got to watch Mark Cuban squirm.

Cuban also charged on to the court in game 5 just as the game had ended to yell at the refs for a call Cuban didn't agree with. After yelling at the refs Cuban proceeded to stare down David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA. This outburst costed Cuban 250K. lol. Bringing his lifetime total fines paid to the NBA up to 1.7 million dollars. Chump change for Cuban! Cuban is a distraction to his team, and I do honestly believe that he is partically to blame for his teams crumble. The Mavs become the third team in NBA history to lose the NBA finals when leading 2-0.

I would personally like to thank the Heat for not allowing trash such as Cuban to hold the Larry O'Brien trophy. That would have been a sad day in NBA history, thank goodness it didn't happen.



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