Friday, June 02, 2006

Possibly the Ugliest German Ever?

Ok so maybe that's a bit mean but for real that guy is one ugly German but he is certainly a talented basketball player. Last night Dirk Nowiztki scored 50 points against the Suns to go and win a pivotal game 5 in the Western Conference Finals. Dirk is one of those guys that you hate to play against him but if he's on your team you love him. The dude doesn't miss a shot or atleast it seems that way. Whenever he shoots the ball the only question is weither or not the balls going to touch the net. Dirk has really turned into an even better offensive player than expected with the help of Avery Johnson as his coach. Also another possibly is the who used to play for the Mavs absense of Steve Nash who was not resigned by the owner of the Mavs, Mark Cuban, who now consquently plays for the Suns and has thrived playing with the Suns earning back to back MVP awards. The absense of Steve Nash has allowed Dirk to take ownership of this Dallas team therefore improving his overall game. However great of an offensive player Dirk is he's still a defensive liability and I do mean "liability" because of his lack of defensive skills. He still creates a match up nightmare on the offensive end because of his size(7ft) and the fact that he can shoot from anywhere on the court including three point land. Dirk Nowiztki made 13.8 million dollars this year, I guess he's worth it. I'm sure multi-billionaire owner Mark Cuban has no problem paying Dirk's saliary. Quite a player he is but there are still several players I would take before him but he's up there in most talented players in the NBA.

Is there a athlete in any sport at anytime that you would consider a sports idol? Meaning a individual that transcends his/her sport and is someone that comes immediatly to your mind. Leave me a comment on who you think that would be, and you can only choose one.


NBA perdiction: Detroit wins in Miami tonight against the Heat and forces a game 7. Watch Espn tonight to find out who wins.


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