Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's the ******* Point?

What's the point of getting up in the morning? What's the point of getting up at all? Why do anything? Why do I need a job? Seriously what's the point? There really is no point.

Some people are born into this world and everything is there for them. They have life on a silver platter and they would have to be an idiot to ****** it up. I'm so damn sick of seeing these little prick 16 year old kids driving around in a freakin BMW or a F-350 truck that gets 8 damn miles to the gallon. And when they wreck that car just go by em' another 60K car tomorrow not a problem. These damn kids are born in to the world millionaires because of there trust funds and there custom house that have two spiral staircases leading into there living room that's bigger than my entire house. You could literally strip these kids today and go trade in there clothing for 750 dollars because all they @@@@@@@ wear is abercrombie, fossil, and tommy hilfiger. They all go to prestigious schools that cost 40K a year, along with that they get there parents personal credit card to go $$$$ of money. I'm not saying by any means this is the correct way to parent kids because it's not by any means. I'm just so sick of hearing all this bull S*** about how hard your life is. AWW poor baby, you had to settle for the Mercedes instead of the freakin Ferrari. "I feel so bad for you!"

I drive a light Green Mercury Mini-Van with grey leather interier. Inside I have make shift stero serving as my amazing surround sound system, it plugs into my cigarette lighter into a power convertor. I'm fine with my transportation, it gets me where I need to go. Would I like a better car of course! Tell me who aspires to one day drive a hand me down mini-van. I'm not one to complain about something like this. This is actually my first time to bring up my car situation at all because I really don't care. I'm simply making a point, hold on I'm getting there. When almost everyone else I know(I don't know weither to consider them friends or not, some are) gets a new car and I keep the one I have with no complaints. No, I'm not saying I would expect my father to buy me or even help me buy a freakin Mercedes that's stupid and pointless but a Toyota Camery would be nice, even a used one. I wear cheap clothes that aren't 400 dollars for a pair of jeans. Do I care that I don't have 400 dollar jeans, no. I don't want that, that's ridiculous. I saved my father 20K last year by going to a community college, is that a problem no but a whole bunch of people I know went off to school last year and blew thousands. I know a guy who paid tution and then changed his mind, blew 5K. His parents were fine with it, we'll send ya somewhere else hunny. If I did that I might as well go hang myself.

Here's my point. I've describe parents who spoil there kids and parents who provide the bare min. Which ones right? Neither. Find the middle ground and then I think you have it. I understand my examples are embellished but that's to help make my point.

Now why am I so pissed? Let's see. My father is a greedy bastard. I hate my father. He's a sad person who lives a sad exsistance and I have no pity on him because he's his own worst enemy. My father isn't going to pay for me to go to college. Is my father poor you ask? lol. No. He currently has the best job he's ever had in his life, making 6 digits a year and having already made hundreds of thousands in the stock market.

What now? I won't go back to community college that's for damn sure and I'm certainly not staying in Houston. So I don't know. I'm so tired of fighting. I'm so sick of the on going shit that never ends. Maybe my father(notice I don't say "dad", you have to earn that title, **** father is even a stretch) when he's an old piece of shit will regret the way he treated me because I certainly won't be taking care of his ass. So what now??? Who knows.

Vegas sounds lovely!



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